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Air Control 2

Do you have what it takes to handle the stressful job of an air traffic controller? Then test your air commander skills by installing and mastering Air Control 2, a sequel to world's most popular airplane landing Android game (~20 million+ downloads).

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Awesome Owl

Forget Flappy Bird, it's time for a new addiction: Awesome Owl. A fun game where you must help an owl fly as far as possible while avoiding obstacles. Beware though, the life of an owl is full of dangers and our protagonist is incredibly lousy at flying.

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Dragon, Fly!

Love Dragons? Then Dragon, Fly! is the perfect choice, you play as a newly hatched dragon embarked on an adventurous slide. Realms are full of curvy hills so use your skills to slide along them. Hurry as mother dragon wants to bring you back to her nest!

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Four Pixels Games

Air Attack

Air Attack is based on the all time classic Arcade shooting game. You must survive a vicious aerial attack where enemies unleash hell upon you (napalm bombs, uranium shells, gas bombs). Luckily you have your own war arsenal so fight them back and when all else fails NUKE THEM!

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Flappy Owl

Are you looking for a frustratingly-addictive game? Meet Flappy Owl, the game with a simple goal of keeping an owl up in the air, but an incredibly difficult gameplay. Even if the control is dead simple as you tap once to help it fly, the rapid pace makes the game a challenge.

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Air Control (Original)

Feel the Control, be the Control! Air Control is the first release in this series and is on its path to 50 million downloads via Google Play. You play as an air traffic controller and must direct airplanes to runways without colliding them. More difficult than it sounds but fun nonetheless.

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Four Pixels Games

Wild West Sherrif

There's a new Sheriff in town and he ain't playin' around! Wild West Sheriff is a bizarre mix between South Park and Western-themed games. Your job is to apply the law and shoot the bad guys without hitting any innocent bystanders. Easy to play as you tilt to aim and touch to fire.

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Bug Rush

Dinner is served and BUG soup is on the menu in Bug Rush! This is a Tower Defense game with a floral theme and you control a selection of carnivorous plants that must stop the bug invasion in the garden. Create plant mazes and watch the bugs get squashed. Not for the faint-hearted!

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Alpine Boarder

Looking for an Arcade ski racing game? Alpine Boarder is your next addiction. Fasten your helmet and jump on your snowboard to begin your winter adventure. Careful, you must avoid trees, jump over rocks and pass through gates before you reach the finish line, ALIVE!

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Our games are addictively played by millions of users and that's due mainly to our focus on creating fun games that are easy to play. Thus these games are often praised through user testimonials, so if you played our games and want to share your review please do so and join thousands of others that already did.


“Great strategy game! This is one of the most addictive game I've ever played. Why can't uncapitalised and innovative games like this be featured instead of lazy money grabs.”

Glenn Warnes

"Addictive and Fun game, which keeps you alert and helps us guys become better at multi tasking having to keep an eye on more than one thing at a time."

V Hanes

“Simple yet challenging Easy to lose time playing this and that's not a complaint. Don't have to pay for more levels, just keep earning diamonds through normal game play and you can move up steadily. Much fun!”

Crafters Guild

“ADDICTING Love this game been plating it for a maybe a year still hooked on it and got a couple of my friends to play it too.”

Michael Donnelly

“Entertaining and challenging You can choose slow or fast pace. Create your own strategies or follow the tips provided to use different means to prevent a variety of insects from crossing your yard.”

Jaci Endicott

“For Tower D Lovers Have been playing this game on and off for over 2 years. Infact it's the first game I've bothered to rate. Great game!”

Raul Petrascu

“One of my fav android games Amazing and addictive, for example, it's midnight right now and I should be doing homework..... Good job in making this! 6/5 stars :)”

Shelby Gold

“Really fun game. I can't stop playing. This game is really addicting and super fun! Doesn't seem to have any problems so 5 stars!”